Not Just A Mom

Monday, May 10, 2004

I'm not just a mom

Ok i'm a mom and a wife.But at the almost age of 30 i've decided to stop saying "oh i'm just a mom". According to Oprah and First Lady of CA Shriver,we women need to stop defining ourselves by saying that.Easy for them to say. One is a multimillionaire talk show host/guru and the other is a multimillionaire journalist/first lady to California. I'm proud to be a mom and wife. I feel no need to rush out and get a job to define who I am. For now i'm content to cook,clean,raise my kids and care for our family. Is it all glitz and glamour?HA! Do I look forward to cleaning up dog shit,changing diapers,packing school lunches and vaccuming my house twice a day? HA!HA! But I do love watching my kids grow,learn and SLEEP. I like helping my oldest with his homework.Sometime I may actually-gasp=get a "real" job. But for now I get paid in hugs,kisses,sticky hands,scribbled pictures and sweet cuddles.